Sunday, January 26, 2014

There's still much to be done, don't lose sight

I have thus far already enumerated the 10 building blocks to help you align your business to the Living Vine prevalent to the intermediate state that your business is now in, and the challenge that you must now attempt to do to sustain it. I have also encapsulated the eminent extent that this embryonic movement encompasses   to enable you to have a glimpse of what is being carried or is being bared-by this enormous and universal transformation to allow you to outline your setting and focus on what is relevant; that this is the real thing in economics; it is universal and is touching everyone in one way or another.

There is however also this need to give you the unction to act now lest you are thinking of putting the future behind because you are used to the time log that is slow and protracted.

For those who are already in their prime age, think how in a single lifetime you have seen the tremendous change from the then to now. Even now, our next generation has to catch up with exponential changes that are rapidly altering many of the things they used to do, because of fresh innovations and new technological discoveries in a shorter time span.

Consequently the frequency of change unlike before has been remarkably shortened already and who knows how long it will take your awakened knowledge or your extended awareness prick you to action.

My Economic Argument:
  • Sadly most of our present day Environmentalists' are relying too much on their assumption and approach to green growth through Government Regulations which are much slower, much more costly and far less efficient because obtaining those standard criteria which they place, can also be easily acquired through bribery and corruption. Not that they are of any use but many times those regulations become an impediment when you have an uninformed or a badly informed consumer. Our Tort Law is more than enough to take care of these kinds of abuses.
          In addition, most of these environmentalist economic insight which speak of threats and
          scarcity to alert us to save mother earth for our ultimate survival is an end in itself. Its objective
          should instead be in efficient utilization of resources for our own self-interest. That they have 
          to bear in mind that threats and scarcity can be demonstratively argued by the principle of the
          relativity of the supply and the demands in the real market as demonstrated in the previous
          Therefore contrary to their expectations, Population Growth and higher demands is instead a
          means of (a) acquiring  a more sophisticated machine or solutions to process our   
          resources more efficiently or (b) a continuous innovation by acquiring additional resources to
          meet the requirement of a particular material or goods.

  • Another argument to their uneasiness is that, we have to take note that service demands which are non-tangible materials of our growing population is diffusing product demands (tangible) by comparison.
          Therefore there will be less and lesser material use of cheaper one, but with an abundant 
          supply of non-tangible products that the market is highly demanding these days. To give you
          an example - in our communication needs, copper was used for transmission, a tangible and a
          dwindling resource therefore expensive, then we have fibre-optic which is made up of a 
          cheaper material and more efficient, and now a utilization of the air or wifi which is the non-
          tangible frequency and free when you transmit them.

  • Lastly, we are not a part of nature as some environmentalist would argue, our purpose and function is not to be exploited by it as though our value is at par with nature and summarily to sacrifice human lives at the expense of saving some species is justifiable. We are above nature and our function is its attendant or as its vine dresser. In economics however "Nature" includes all Natural Substances that humans are capable of managing and not necessarily only the ones that we are making use of now.

This other Green Growth Economics Proposition in which I am a proponent confers the true value to the fundamental principles of Supply and Demand in a Relative Market Economy that is driven by public awareness and updated information of alternative solutions that is non-destructive to human. Not driven by those future burdens that are beyond our control and carried by a handful of economist or environmentalist with their subjective variables and therefore have its own limitations.
Thus, an economic occupation that highlights a holistic awareness and information campaign
  1. Is more relevant
  2. Effecting change is faster and less costly specially now a days
  3. As well as far more effective in comparison to a mandatory regulation to drive pollution abasement and lessen population growth.
I hope these arguments have been a help to make you see the bright prospects of what lies ahead of our economic future, I hope that this will motivate you to set up either your business or your work that is aligned on today's economic developments.

If for some reason you are still unsure of what to do next or possibly do not have the luxury of time to go through all the nitty-gritty's yourself, or maybe you want to reach there in a hurry - you can also call or write me so I can see
  1. How I can help (see here)
  2. Also unpack without delay my next monthly series on 5 action packed adventures (see here)

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