Monday, January 27, 2014

I recognize the need to tackle an intermediate economic framework of green growth which is distinct from most mainstream economic theorists today who think that anyone even government can tinker with value in the marketplace.
That an occurring economic activity cannot be efficiently handled by the few and neither is it limited to certain goods because value is relative. This rational idea of man’s self-interest and a free choice tied with unlimited resources which is calibrated by technological novelties is the one that primes economy and feeds the needs of an ever growing population. In short, that is being taken care of.

Therefore as beneficiaries of this wealth, the question is how, as rational beings, are we to align ourselves to this enormous liberty to sustain our business or our office?

I will soon be coming up with a two page premise of green growth economics which I will publish beginning January 24 and the following page on 31st. This will be followed by the monthly series on the 5 action packed adventures that will end sometime in June.


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