Monday, January 27, 2014

I recognize the need to tackle an intermediate economic framework of green growth which is distinct from most mainstream economic theorists today who think that anyone even government can tinker with value in the marketplace.

Capturing the bigger reality

When it comes to Green Growth, it often comes with it a bewildering thought as to how to put things in the right order and simply because those suggested remedies is self governing and thus leaving where that specific remedy fits to the whole green growth impediment.
In other words, those short-range resolves mentioned earlier are now capable of undermining those noble resolves as a mitigating obstruction.

To some, this confusion also leads to inaction, neglect, or opposition because of the uncertainty it creates; hence the need to bring this to its highest echelon.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

There's still much to be done, don't lose sight

I have thus far already enumerated the 10 building blocks to help you align your business to the Living Vine prevalent to the intermediate state that your business is now in, and the challenge that you must now attempt to do to sustain it. I have also encapsulated the eminent extent that this embryonic movement encompasses   to enable you to have a glimpse of what is being carried or is being bared-by this enormous and universal transformation to allow you to outline your setting and focus on what is relevant; that this is the real thing in economics; it is universal and is touching everyone in one way or another.

There is however also this need to give you the unction to act now lest you are thinking of putting the future behind because you are used to the time log that is slow and protracted.